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Heritage Development A new chapter of an old book

By admin | Sep 8th, 2015 | News

Australia is country of not a long history. Meanwhile due to its particular geographic condition and multi-culture character, it naturally leads an unique path in architectural history with a vast variety of architecture character of its own period. With carefully proposed heritage conservation strategies and policies, a great number of valuable heritage buildings have been conserved. Government are in recent years encouraging real estate developer to modernize heritage buildings. Meaning introducing modern use and form while restoring the heritage envelop. With this insertion of the new to the old, heritage project reveal its special interest. Due to the difficult nature of heritage projects, numbers of parties are involved. Ie. Heritage council, heritage brunch of city council, heritage specialized consultant, contractor and suppliers. It becomes a key to deliver successful heritage project that how actually these heritage pre-fixed parties are interconnected. A narrative has to be formed with layers of sensible arguments. To some extent, the process is almost like a battle between developer. and abstract heritage, while the winning goal is always the mid field between efficient restoration and maximized commercial yield. Some investors on the market are scared of heritage, believing it is a mission impossible. However, a clever restoration strategy may bring you great result that far better than your expectation. For instance, it comes to a recent project that the fade terracotta tiles are cracking and peeling due to failed waterproofing in substrate. First action needed obviously is to make it water-tight. And to explore different options to restore, whether replacing, or patching with similar texture or a combination of both, or even introducing new tiles that begin a conversation with the old. A small decision in here will leads to big difference in result. Owning and re-invent a heritage building could be a dream for developer and a professional management team is required to realize your dream. EnHance Group is a professional project management team with great exposure to heritage projects and are here to provide you the best service.