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The LUXE brand cinema project located at a mixed-use commercial center in the Rosy Gate, Yiwu, Zhejiang, China. The client aims to explore a luxurious leisure environment that meets the aesthetics of young people. Enhance Project was invited to undertake the interior design for the concept stage.

‘The door to the future’ as a design theme for the work, giving a new definition to the traditional arch form. It symbolizes the passage of the movie through the past and the present, also represents Yiwu is a channel connecting China and the world. The design language is in line with the design concept of the main building. At the same time, the arc combine with the hollow metal material is used to create a light sense of space.

The overall tone of the space is light and elegant since the designer aims to adopt a fresh style. Low saturation colors with nature stone pavement been applied for the decoration to avoid the depressive and heavy feeling in traditional commercial cinema. The glass partitions in the corridor break the confined feeling, create a transparent visual effect and different layers. The corridors and toilet of the theater continue the design elements of arches and arcs, matched with LED strip lights to create visual depth. The cinema hall has a clear circulation for people to smoothly flow from the entrance to the theater.

EP communicated closely with the client for opinion collection and worked well with the overseas technical support team for relevant national standards been compliant. It took three weeks from concept to design delivery in a very efficient way.

Services:Interior Design
Location:Yiwu, ZheJiang, China
Floor Area:~1000m2
Construction value:$1.6M
Status:Under Construction

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