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Located amid the intersection of the Old Pittwater road and Funda Place, less than 500 meters away from the Brookvale town center, the project aims to preserve the natural and delicate character of the place, paying heed to the quality and comfort of the dwellings, as well as to the commitment with maximum return of investment in a limit condition.

The project consists of 4 townhouses along the Funda Place orientation, with a basement parking. The material used are traditional in this area. The façade is exposed dark bricks with white articulation. 4 townhouses has 3 bedrooms with spacious attic above to keep the efficiency of design.

Enhance project is engaged to provide architecture design and project management service. To keep client’s profit as priority, Enhance has successfully communicated with local council and relevant consultants to move project forward.

Services:Development Management, Project Management
Floor Area:613.4 sqm
Construction value:$1.5M
Status:DA submitted

00. Brookvale Townhouses

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