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It is an extraordinary site but facing a numerous challenges, witch with long side facing north, dramatic slope and surrounded by neighbour building. Our resulting design is to clearly identify these challenges and finds the best answer individually.

Architect creates a series of view frames in this unique spatial, carefully. Experience of the architecture is composed with spatial movements, witch guided by the view and light. Interior and exterior scenery are seamlessly stitched, every changing by each footstep. A light well in the centre introduce the maximum sunlight witch scattering over the spaces to smooth and rocked surfaces. The views are share by all key areas to ensure the best scenery is captured and enjoyed by family and friends.

EP is engaged to be the architect and project manager. We work closely with our client, engineers, council and planners, and respect the beneficial of the neighbourhood.The project is now under client’s assessment and aims to make development application at the mid of this year.

Services: Architecture Design, Development Management

Location: Longueville, Lane Cove NSW 2066

Floor Area: 740m2

Construction value: $7M

Status: Design Development

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