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The proposed boarding house is located in a cul-de-sac in a quiet neighbourhood in Brookvale. The client wanted to maximise the use of the isolated site as previous proposals by other architects were not economically viable. The proposed boarding house comprises of over 20 short-medium term accommodation units, basement parking, common room and area, and common laundry area.

The challenge of the project was to compress the most boarding units within the permissible envelope. The built-up nature of the adjacent sites and the orientation of the site also complicated the design process, while the design attempted to address the neighbourhood character of the area at the same time.

Enhance was engaged to provide architectural design and project management service to lead the project to successful outcome at the Land-Environment-Court. (LEC) The legal process added complexity to the project, but Enhance managed to coordinate the team to work towards a successful DA lodgement, and subsequently LEC lodgement.

Services:Architecture, Project Management
Type:New-built Boarding House
Floor Area:625.6m2
Construction value:$1.9M
Status:Design Development

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