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This project is located in the inner west suburban area of Sydney. The existing house was built in the 1900s with a post-war style architecture. The main structure of the house is double brick with tiled roof and three identical dormer windows.

The client would like to renovate the house interior to create a more modern living space within the “heritage” shell. The proposal involves the demolition of existing internal walls to create an opening living space, and the construction of a new kitchen, master bathroom & guest bathroom. The existing house interiors are also refurbished with new wall and floor finish to achieve a more simple and elegant result. New appliances and vanities are specifically chosen to emphasize modern interior living.

EnHance project is engaged as the architect and project manager to carry out design and tendering job for the project. EnHance is closely working with the client and accomplished the complex renovation job with challenges arose when “new” and “old” elements of the house are met.

Services:Architectural Design / Project Management
Floor Area:297sq.m
Construction value:$300,000
Status:Completed in 2017

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